Garden Landscape Consultant

Bettylou Sandy started Bettylou’s Gardening in April 1987. For 28 years Bettylou has been helping people of all ages, children and adults, to relax in the natural world around them through seminars, classes, speaking engagements and house calls.  Through consultations and personal training of gardening skills, people are learning to relax in their yards, landscapes and gardens by learning to rearrange their own shrubs and perennials to become  easier to maintain and more pleasing to relax and enjoy.

By designing low maintenance yards and gardens that mimic nature you will be able to enjoy the natural world around you in your own back yard!  By applying some “judicious laziness” the birds and butterflies will flock to your yard.  By working with nature, rather than trying to control it, there is more peace and relaxation to enjoy where you are.

Bettylou is an entertaining speaker and motivator to help people to get outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  Such topics as “Gardening in the Shade”, “Gardening on the Rocks”, “Drainage and water retention”, “Attracting Birds and Butterflies”, “Dividing Perennials”, Pruning Flowering Shrubs and Trees”, “Planning Your Vegetable Garden”, “Composting Indoors and Out”, “Growing Tomatoes”, “Garden Problem Solving”, “Growing Food through the Winter”, “Stocking up for Winter”, “Starting and Maintaining a Community Garden”, “Starting and Maintaining an Edible School Yard” and others as requested.

Most of these talks may be done outside with practical skill demonstrations with plenty of documentation to be taken home for further study.  PowerPoints of these topics provide the indoor audience with visuals of the concepts to help the student to apply the skill to their own gardens and landscapes.

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